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bullet Our 2-Step security


Simple Explanation of 2-Step Forms

You will submit your information on 2 separate forms, sent to separate destinations. The special 6 digit identification code that you choose is the only way the two forms with your information on it can be combined to give all of the required information needed to use your information.This is a very safe procedure. Quite frankly, a person wanting to steal your information is more likely to easily rummage through the garbage and find old bills or invoices than to try to track and obtain information separated by this 2-Step submission method on the Internet.

Part 1 - The First Submitted Form: 
  • The first part of your information, which is name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and all but the last 4 digits of your credit card.
  • It is submitted without further credit card information.
  • You will pick your own 6 digit identification code for the order.


Part 2 - The Second Submitted Form:
  • On the second separate form, you enter your last four NUMBERS for the credit card, the card type, the expiration date and your chosen code number so we can match it up with your 1st part submission of information. 
  • Our company and other companies do not accept partial identification or submissions. 
  • Therefore, even if someone intercepted your first part or second part of separately submitted information, it would be virtually impossible for them to find the matching information that is required  to make a charge on your card.
We want you to feel confident when submitting sensitve information via our on-line forms, that we have implemented these extra measures for your protection. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the previous page. 

Using on-line forms is at the sole discretion of the form user. By using on-line forms, the form user accepts that those offering the use of this form and their associates cannot and will not be held responsible for unscrupulous, illegal use of submitted form information by unauthorized persons who may pirate such information from the internet forms.

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