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Please apply for credit here...

Credit Application

It is important to us to be able to expedite and process your order as quickly as possible. We appreciate your business and this application for an open account with us. Without your written authorization and an account number, financial institutions are reluctant to provide the information necessary to establish an appropriate line of credit. Accordingly, please fill out the credit inquiry below. All information is strictly confidential but essential for us to handle your application. Your taking the time to fill out this application will allow us to get the order to you promptly.

Thank you, Dallas McPheeters




Address...(City, State, Zip, etc.)

Please list below 3 trade references including complete addresses, phone and fax numbers if available:

Tell us the name of your bank, its address including phone/fax and contact person as well as your account number:

By submitting this form, you authorize us to contact your bank for the purpose of establishing your credit on an open account basis and to expedite processing of your current order/s. We will inquire as to the following information: Checking Account opened date, Average balance, Payment experience if any, and Comments.

In the event your bank requires written authorization with an original signature, we will fax a form to you.

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