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This page allows you to:

bullet Find out what formats are preferred
bullet Prepare art for emailing
bullet Upload your art via FTP
bullet Ask us to prepare your art for you

It is important to us to be able to expedite and process your order as quickly as possible. Please take the time to send your art files correctly so we can avoid unnecessary delays. If you have questions, use the comment form below to inquire.

Click here to attach your art files to an email Or if you wish to FTP your art, you may do so at ftp.uniques.com using 'customerart@uniques.com' as the login and 'uniquesart' as the password.

If you cannot send email or ftp your art, snail mail your art to: Dallas McPheeters • 1617 W. Oak Shadows Dr. • Tucson, AZ 85737

Thank you,

UNIQUES.com Promotions, LLC

.Acceptable  Applications for Macintosh:
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
Acceptable Applications for IBM PC:
  • Illustrator saved as .eps file and fonts converted to curves.
Acceptable Formats for Macintosh:
  • CD
  • Can be zipped or stuffed
Acceptable Formats for IBM PC:
  • Must be zipped or stuffed if emailed.
  • CD

Art Reminders:
  • Convert all fonts to paths or curves (text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text) or include the font files with your art. For Mac users, an alternative is to include both screen and printer fonts.
  • Multiple color jobs should be created using spot color mode rather than process color mode unless what you are ordering includes process color imprinting.
  • Include all EPS and TIFF files used in creating your document. TIFFs should be at least 600 dpi.
  • If mailing art, include a hard copy of your artwork (such as a laser print) with written instructions. If possible, send proofs of color separations for multiple color jobs. Please do not send an original file, make a copy before sending.
  • If Emailing art, advise if sending Mac or IBM art and be certain it's not encrypted.
  • Zip or stuff files if possible to help ensure against corruption.
  • Do not use AOL to send art.
  • A file does not become a vector based file by changing extension to EPS.
  • Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDraw are software used to create vector files.
  • Microsoft Office Programs (Powerpoint, Word, Publisher) are not accepted file formats.
  • Artwork created for websited or copied from a website are not acceptable formats.
  • Acceptable artwork, whatever the file format, should be sent with a hard copy proof via fax or mail.
Here are my questions, comments, instructions, advice, etc.



If you require any custom work on this or any other order, please contact Dallas at and he'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for the work you need.

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